An Anime-Inspired Green Screen Photo Booth

One of our recent clients are HUGE Anime fans so we did a custom Anime-themed wedding photo booth for them. It was a HIT! We love it when our clients come to us with unique and fun ideas like this.

This particular couple wanted to have green screen backgrounds that their guests can choose from. So we created just that: a Live View screen displaying six background options that, when clicked on, would immediately transport the guests to a pirate ship from One Piece or to Totoro's village or the world of Sailormoon.

The bride and groom got in touch with their artistic side and handcrafted these Ani-mazing props. The guests simply loved them!

Our clients worked with us to create these custom props to manage their budget 

Our clients worked with us to create these custom props to manage their budget 

If we didn't know better, we'd have thought that we were at Anime Con! Here are a few photo from the event!

A Despicably Cute Minion-themed Photo Booth Template!

Who doesn't love the jibberish-speaking, banana-loving, yellow, capsule-shaped characters that have inspired Halloween costumes and even McDonald's happy meal collectibles? If you're a Minion fan like we are, you'll love this new customized print template that we've designed. Inspired by the upcoming Minion movie, we think this templates would be perfect for a despicably cute birthday party!

This template combines both green screen and non-green screen backdrops and the placement of the minions really make it appear like you're standing among them. Add minion-inspired props and you're set!

If you have great ideas that you'd like us to try out, please leave a comment below!

The Best of Both Worlds: Photo Booth + Video Booth!

Adding a video booth option to your photo booth is a great way to enhance the experience for you and your guests.

Guests can leave a message or do a little song & dance number via the video booth and still enjoy a traditional photo booth.

We recently created this photo booth with a video booth option for a very special couple. The screen was set up in such a way that guests can toggle back and forth between photo-taking and video-taking sessions.

Here are some fun-loving guests dancing to Ven Dancar Kuduro in our video booth! (This works very well when the music is blasting so it is important to make sure the booth is located near some speakers or the band.)

Interested in having a video booth on your special day? Contact us and we'll be happy to customize something that reflects your style and personality!

5 Easy Ways to Dress up Your Props Table

The props table tends to be an afterthought for many but it shouldn't be. A disorganized props table can make an otherwise sophisticated event look sloppy.

A props table should be functional and inviting. We've rounded up some easy ways to make sure your props table stands out.

1) A non-traditional props table: We're digging the use of this large wine barrel as a props table to create a rustic look. 



2) Creative and functional props displays: We love the way the funky glasses are displayed on window shutters here. Glass vases and mason jars are great vessels for holding props on sticks.

3) Off-the-table props displays: When you don't have the luxury of table space, consider using a coat rack, or as in the picture below, large tree branches to hang hats, feather boas, necklaces and leis. Having props on and off the table can help to create more visual interest as well.

4) An eye-catching signage: Beckon your guests over to your photo booth with striking signage. This can be easily done with black chalkboard paint, a pretty vintage frame and permanent chalk markers.

5) Details, details, details: It's really all in the details. Display a vintage camera or create a backdrop with paper flowers and pinwheels or simply throw on a patterned table cloth to spice things up. 

If you are interested in customizing your table and booth to match the look and feel for your event, let's talk! Send us a note here.

Share the Vision: Orbis Plane Pull for Sight 2015

Last Saturday on May 23rd, we joined Orbis Canada at their 7th Annual Plane Pull for Sight event in Toronto at The Pearson International Airport, where teams gathered to pull a 757 FedEx cargo plane across the tarmac in support of Orbis' worldwide sight-saving mission.

The weather was perfect and the turnout was overwhelming. Hundreds of people came out to support this fantastic cause.

It was so much fun to take part in the day's festivities as a sponsor and our photo booth location provided us with an excellent view of the plane pull!

The view from our photo booth

The view from our photo booth

The photo booth was a HIT with everyone! People lined up under the blazing sun to have a turn at getting their pictures taken with funky glasses, Orbis scrub hats and toy planes.

The kids couldn't get enough of the booth, trying on prop after prop until they were satisfied with their choice. I mean, who doesn't love playing dress-up? We set up stools inside the booth that the kids could stand on to get into the shot.  

Here is one of our favourite photo booth pictures from the day. With their bright costumes, you certainly couldn't miss this team on the tarmac!

How many people did they fit into this booth!?

How many people did they fit into this booth!?

To view more photos from the event, please visit our Recent Events page and click on the Orbis event link. We can't wait to be a part of this event again next year!

Adding Personal Touches to Your Photo Booth

Sure, it seems like every other couple you know has had a photo booth at their wedding. But the truth is, every photo booth experience is unique. There are a multitude of ways you can add your own personal touches to yours and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

One of our clients decided to have their engagement picture (this was a shot taken on the very day that they got engaged) on the photo strip in lieu of their initials or names. Unique and meaningful touches like this could make a lasting impression on your guests.

We created a matching Live View screen that guests saw as soon as they walked into the booth - a great way to tie-in the theme. Check it out.

Customized Live View screen that allows guests to see their completed photos on the right hand side.

Customized Live View screen that allows guests to see their completed photos on the right hand side.

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting more great ideas on personalizing your event photo booth! Stay tuned!